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Proactive Risk Control Programs

Our proactive risk control programs focus on customer needs. Because no two customers face exactly the same challenges, BITCO Insurance Companies offer a wide range of risk control services.

Risk Control Consultation

Controlling loss exposures contributes to lower overall expenses. The goal of the BITCO Insurance Companies risk control consultant is to assist customers in running safer operations. If you are a BITCO Insurance Companies policyholder, risk control assistance may take any of the following forms:

  • Site visits
  • Safety management development
  • Special programs for confined space, hazard communication, lock-out/tag-out and motor vehicle accident prevention
  • Training for management, supervisors and employees
  • Accident and incident investigation procedures
  • Self inspection programs
  • Safety committees
  • Subcontractor controls
  • Driver supervision and driver training

Training Assistance


BITCO Insurance Companies risk control consultants work directly with our customers to identify and tailor management, supervisory and employee training sessions. Risk control staff assists in the selection, design and/or delivery that best supports your goals.

BITCO Insurance Companies maintains an in-house video library of more than 300 titles of concern and interest. Topics covered include OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration). If our library cannot meet specific needs, our risk control consultants can assist in locating suitable materials from other sources.

Safety News Briefs

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Here's a way to keep current with emerging issues of concern. Visit and bookmark our Safety News Briefs.

These selected news briefs cover topics specific to BITCO Insurance Companies' target industries: worker safety, public liability, property protection and more. Information provided is produced by ISO Services' Engineering and Safety group and shown here by permission. Many briefs provide links to additional sources of information.

Safety Materials

Safety Talks

Beef up your safety meetings and "toolbox talks" with timely and thought-provoking topics and training aids. Available through BITCO Insurance Companies risk control are more than 300 Safety Talks (English and English/Spanish) that cover construction, general safety and health topics.


Are you reinforcing your safety awareness program with BITCO Insurance Companies safety posters? Our risk control consultants can assist in selecting specific posters to support your efforts. Topics stay fresh and current through our quarterly poster mailings.

Accident Investigation

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Unfortunately, even the best-managed operations can have accidents. A key part of any safety program is an effective process to respond to accidents or incidents. These steps may include:

  • Identification of qualified medical facilities
  • Procedures for prompt and thorough investigation
  • Procedures for prompt reporting of accidents or incidents
  • Return to work or transitional work procedures

This safety program is a team effort involving our customers, our risk control consultants and our claims representatives.

Loss Information Reports

A review of their own loss history leads many customers to more effective management of their operations. BITCO Insurance Companies risk control consultants will help you develop a schedule for receipt of Loss Summary and Loss Analysis reports which can be on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Reviewing reports with customers allows BITCO Insurance Companies risk control consultants to better assist you in your loss control measures.

Loss Summary - reports provide information on each incident: people involved, amount of loss, a brief description of what occurred.

Loss Analysis - reports show loss trends and provide profiles by type of loss. The report recaps both percentages of incidents and percentage of loss costs. For workers compensation a loss analysis provides information based on part of body injured. An automobile and workers compensation loss analysis report includes a list of incidents arranged by driver or employee name. Identifying individuals involved in multiple incidents highlights the potential need for retraining or program adjustment.