Help Reporting a Claim

BITCO First Report of Claim Online Form

Software Requirements

You must have Acrobat Reader 4 or above to view a saved copy of your First Report of Claim.

Acrobat Reader is available online at no charge from Adobe. To install this version on your computer, click on the Acrobat Reader icon below to download.

Get Adobe Reader

Other Tips

Use standard keyboard commands to enter information into the Report fields. Report promptly and include as much information as is available at this time. If, for any reason, this claim requires an immediate response, please report the claim by telephone to your BITCO claims office.

The Report's only required fields are the name, telephone and state, appearing in the section "Person Reporting Claim" near the end of the Report.

For a hard copy of the Report form, you can print before you submit electronically to BITCO.

To save a digital copy of the completed form (as a PDF) for printing at a later date:

  1. After entering your information along with the required fields, click the "Save as PDF" button near the botton of the form.Buttons
  2. This will merge your entered data with a PDF version of the form.
  3. Once it has completed the merge, you will recieve a file download dialog box FileDownload To save a copy of the form, click the "Save" button.
  4. If your browser chooses a file name for you, just rename the file making sure that you end the file name with .pdfSave
  5. Click the "Save" button to complete the save, and you should now have successfully saved a digital copy to your hard drive.

If you are not able to submit a First Report of Claim online, see "To report by telephone" on the "How to Report a Claim" page.